Goodbye Shuffle. Hello Smart Mix.

Because of shuffling, we skip 48% of the songs on music streaming.

It's frustrating.

We reimagined listening to be more fun, easy and smart.

We Smart Mix.

With Smart Mix, Mixonset reduces skips by 80%.

Here's how we do it.

Your Playlist Elevated.

Instead of random shuffle, Mixonset places each song at the right place in the queue based on the song's vibe.

Preview 3 - Iphone X
Preview 2 - Iphone X

Play the Best Parts. Seamlessly.

Mixonset plays the best 1-2 minute part of each song before transitioning to the next without skipping a beat.

Discover More. 5x More.

How much would you like to discover today?
Mixonset fills the gaps of your mix with songs that fit your vibe.

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