AI DJ Music Mixer for Spotify & TIDAL to create DJ mixes on your iPhone!

DJ millions of songs with your Spotify & TIDAL AI DJ music mixer app on iOS.
Automix now with Spotify, TIDAL, or iTunes MP3.

Mix and Magic

Whether you're partying, working, or on a roadtrip, music mixes transform your ordinary moments into the extraordinary.

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Have a DJ for Yourself

With Mixonset, now everyone can mix their playlists with smooth transitions.

The DJ is in the Details

Mixonset is an AI DJ app that can mix music with Spotify. Nobody wants to play with a set of turntables on a phone screen, that’s why we’ve built the Mixonset music mixing experience from scratch just for mobile. Want to create a mashup with your favorite songs? Just press Smart Mix to create a DJ mix with smooth transitions. With Highlight Mode, our AI automatically cuts out the less catchy parts of songs and plays just the best part of each track. If you’d like to interact closely with your music mix, you can easily do so by simply dragging the transition point to where you want the crossfade to happen.

Your AI DJ even makes curating your mix effortless! Mixonset automatically beatmatches your music in the background so you’ll always have a smooth queue that flows at the same tempo. Tired of listening to the same songs? Choose how many new songs you want to discover each day, and our discovery engine will boost your music mix with the right song at the right time. Apart from that, Mixonset also has nifty BPM and Energy filters that let you curate your music on an even more granular level.

If you’ve built up a library of liked songs and playlists from Spotify or TIDAL or your MP3 iTunes library, you can easily sync your streaming service with Mixonset. Have a DJ for yourself with your TIDAL & Spotify song mixer – now available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and M1 Silicon Macs.

Introducing Smart Mix™

DJ Mixer for Robot DJ transitions

Transitions with AI

Instantly mix the highlight of each song with seamless transitions, like a magic music mixer!

Fill the Gaps with Suggestions

Discover by adding the right songs at the right time into your queue.

Discover New Tracks with DJ Mixer
Mixonset music filters

Find Your Vibe
with Filters

Instantly curate your music mix with filters ranging from BPM, Vibe, to Recent Songs.

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