The Mixonset Team

Zeyu Li

Zeyu Li

CEO, Co-Founder

Zeyu is a technologist, researcher and financier who spent most of his life playing music and DJing. He worked as an application consultant for investment banks before quitting his finance job to start Mixonset. He combined his AI research and DJ expertise to invent the Mixonset algorithm. Zeyu has a B.E. in Computer Science and a Master’s in Computational Math at Waterloo, and is completing his Master’s in Music Technology at McGill.

Boris But

Boris But

CMO, CO-Founder

Boris has extensive experience in marketing, public relations and content writing. He started key projects at two award-winning startups, Fair Employment Foundation and MealCare. He previously worked as a Management Trainee for Swire Group. Aside from work, Boris published his poetry book aged 18, and hustled as a street singer for years. After completing a B.A. at McGill, Boris co-founded Mixonset.

Adrian Pike

Adrian Pike


Adrian has held senior management positions for over 25 years. He helps Mixonset engage with its audience, drive revenues and build sustainable growth through marketing and demand generation strategies. Previously, Adrian was the CMO of district m and VP Marketing at Light Speed POS. He is a serial entrepreneur, and recently founded a new venture, Actual Conversions.

Awards & Partnerships

MIREX 2018 Winner

Zeyu’s research on tempo detection methods won a music-tech research competition, Music Information Retrieval Exchange 2018. This award-winning tech is a core feature in Mixonset’s smart mixing algorithm.

StartupFest 2019 Winner

Won one of North America's top startup competitions: StartupFest's Innovative Content Prize. This includes $15,000 of cash prize, project partnership with Videotron and Quebecor, and mentorship from executives.

NextAI 2020 Incumbent

Incumbent of the premium AI accelerator founded by the Canadian federal government. Awards include $25,000 of grant, 6 months of office space, coaching and mentorship from Canada's top AI researchers and VCs.


What We Do

Smarter Playlists

We re-organize the flow of a playlist so it flows as smoothly as an album.

Seamless Transitions

Perfect transitions from song to song without skipping a beat or pressing a button.

Powered by A.I.

Your personal DJ at your command to mix your Spotify playlists.

Who We Work With