Apple Music Integration with Mixonset DJ App

Your Apple Music DJ App. Powered by AI.

Mix Playlists with Smooth Transitions.

Mixonset elevates music with crossfades, beatmatching, curation & discovery.

Your Apple Music DJ

Simply sync your favorite music and tap Smart Mix. Your AI mix app automixes your songs smoothly and brings the DJ party everywhere you go.

Seamless Transitions

Mix your Apple Music playlists with world-class AI technology. The AI selects the highlight of each song and creates silky crossfades like a DJ.

Fill the Gaps with Suggestions

Fill the gaps in your mix with the right songs at the right time. You’ll always get a flawless mix with suggestions that fit the vibe of your music.

Find Your Vibe

Filter songs by their vibe to instantly curate the perfect mix for your current mood. Choose between Soft, Mellow, Chill, Intense and Wild, and more!

Your Apple Music DJ App Up Close

Mixonset works with Apple Music to make music mixing quick and simple. Apple Music subscribers can now Smart Mix their music with smooth transitions. Create smooth crossfades, make song mashups for TikTok, and discover new tracks with your Apple Music DJ app!

Don’t have Apple Music? The Mixonset AI DJ app is also available on Spotify, SoundCloud Free, Tidal and iTunes. Be the DJ wherever you go on iPhone, iPad, and Silicon Macs. Mix music now for free!

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