Oct 14, 2022

How To Make The Perfect Workout Mix Using Mixonset

How To Make The Perfect Workout Mix Using Mixonset

What if you could have an AI DJ in the gym to mix your favorite music?

Mixonset: Your Free DJ App for iPhone Explained in 5 Steps

Mixonset is the best DJ app on iPhone to mix your favorite playlists into a seamless party mix - just like a pro DJ. It's an online mobile app that helps you mix songs automatically.

Why You Keep Listening to the Same Songs: A Story About Deepak Chopra, Discovery and Music Mixing

To pre-curate a bunch of playlists is akin to lacing up on a rainy day to catch lightning in a bottle. You might catch something, but it'll most likely just be a cold.

Mixonset Partners with TIDAL for Revolutionary Smart DJ Experience

Mixonset’s Smart DJ just got better with TIDAL’s exceptional high-fidelity streaming quality. Create a seamless mix in seconds with Smart Mix™ and let Mixonset take care of your favorite music.

8 Genius Ways to Discover Music

Want to stay within your favourite genre? We’ve got you. Want to explore greener and untrodden pastures? Mixonset will guide you along the way.