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Yes. You would need to install Mixonset separately on the App Store. A Spotify Premium subscription is needed to access your Spotify playlists.

We currently do not. However, Mixonset has plans to integrate our app with these platforms in the near future.


Currently, Mixonset is only compatible with Spotify Premium and your native music library on your iPhone (this is different from downloading music from Apple Music). We have plans to integrate Mixonset with other music services like Apple Music very soon!

The purple dot shows when the song transitions without skipping a beat to the next. The purple dot hides all the complicated DJ stuff we do with AI. Usually the purple dot appears after a couple minutes once Mixonset figures out when the transition point is.

Imagine if you had a personal DJ who figures out which songs in your playlist flow well together. That’s what our Smart Playlists can do for your regular old playlists.

No it will not. Since it takes Mixonset a couple minutes to create the purple dot for the song transition, skipping to the end will not make the transition come sooner – the songs may not even mix in time.

To ensure the app runs smoothly, download your Spotify Premium playlists on your mobile device. The Mixonset app also runs faster on Wifi than on wireless internet like 3G or 4G. If the problem persists, please report the crashing issue to the Mixonset Team and we’ll solve your problem ASAP!

Easy. To add songs to the queue, click the ‘Add Song’ icon on the top right of the Playlist screen. To remove songs from the queue, simply swipe the song to the left on the Playlist screen until the ‘Delete’ button appears, then click on it. You can add/delete songs permanently from a playlist from your Spotify Premium account.

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