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Mixing Features

Will the transition come sooner if I skip to it?

No it will not. Since it takes Mixonset a while to analyze the song to create the purple dot for the song transition, skipping to the end will not make the transition come sooner. The songs may not even mix in time. 

If you want transitions to come sooner, instead select Highlight mode at the bottom right corner. That ensures that shorter highlights of tracks get played. 

How to change the transition point?

Simply drag the purple dot to where you want the transition to happen, and your AI DJ will optimize the mix to happen at that part of the track. Apart from that, Mixonset can give you a set of ideal transition points in the form of white dots, and you can easily drag the purple dot to any of them.

You can also use Highlight Mode to preset the song length.

Can I transition a song at a specific moment?

FYI some songs are not immediately customizable if you’re using Highlight mode on Spotify, so you can either try again after a while or play the songs once without Highlight mode and they will become customizable. Additionally it’s not possible to pinpoint the exact moment to transition, as the AI would try to optimize the transition somewhere close to where you drag the dot.

Can I save a transition point?

Yes, you can manually save a transition point for a specific song. All you need to do is tap the purple dot to lock it at that specific transition point.

How do I preset the starting and ending transition points of a song?

You can use the Mix Control feature to preset the transition points of a specific song. Simply go to the options of a song (wherever there’s 3 dots next to a song), and select Mix Control. From there, you can drag the red dot and purple dot to where you want the song to fade-in and fade-out.

Why doesn't the purple dot show up sometimes?

When the purple dot doesn’t show up, it’s usually because of two reasons:

Not a mixable song:
Essentially, Mixonset should be able to mix any genre of music that a human DJ can mix, but it wouldn’t be able to mix classical or jazz. So the genre of music you’re playing may affect whether songs are mixable.

Not enough time:
If a song doesn’t have enough time to be analyzed, a purple dot will not show up. This may happen when you queue a song to be played next right before the current song is about to end.

Bad internet:
Due to the internet condition, sometimes the app would stop playing or play without mixing since it takes too long to load songs. To fix this, simply use a more stable network.

Why doesn't the purple dot change after I tap the white dot?

There may be a delay when you select a new white transition dot while the AI is analyzing the song. This loading time may take up to a few seconds.

Other Features

Why does the app keep pausing or crashing?

Bad internet:
Due to the internet condition, sometimes the app would stop playing or play without mixing since it takes too long to load songs. To fix this, simply use a more stable network.

Check if your device still has storage left (At least more than 1GB)

While the app works on iPhone 8 and above, newer devices generally work better with faster mix creation speed.

Why can't I stream certain songs on Apple Music or Spotify? Why are some songs greyed out?

While we’re adding more songs every day, it’s unlikely that Mixonset will be compatible with the full Apple Music or Spotify Premium catalogue any time soon. So your best option for Mixonset is probably TIDAL HiFi  if you prefer having a full catalogue. You can see our integrations page for more information.

All my playlists have disappeared from Mixonset. How can I get them back?

There are 2 things you can try:

  1. Pull down to refresh the playlists in the library In the settings (gear icon, top right corner)
  2. Log out of your account and login with your music service of choice.

How to edit my queue?

To edit the songs in your queue: go to the Queue page (top right button on the Now Playing screen), and click on the Edit button at the bottom right. It’ll let you delete songs and modify the queue easily.

 To add songs to the queue, click the ‘Add Song’ icon on the top right of the Queue screen. To remove songs from the queue, you can swipe the song to the left on the Queue screen, then delete it.

Pro Tip: Use Display Features to see the BPM, Energy, or Length of your queue for more precise curation.

Can I save the order of a mix?

Yes, you can save the order of a mix. Simply use the “Save mix as playlist” feature (Mixonset app > Now Playing screen > Share button (bottom left) > Save mix as playlist).

How do I save all the transitions in a mix?

Yes, you can manually save a transition point for a specific song. All you need to do is tap the purple dot to lock it at that specific transition point.

How to play my mix in the same specific order?

Just click the downward arrow next to the Smart Mix button. Afterwards, simply select “Mix in this order” to play your music in the same order that it’s been manually curated.

How to order my mix by a specific order?

On the playlist page, scroll a little bit downwards to reveal a search bar. On the right of the search bar, you can order your playlist by BPM, Energy, Earliest, Most Recent, and more.

Pro Tip: You can also order your mix by a specific order and then play it by BPM, Energy, Earliest, Most Recent, and more.

Does Mixonset have an EQ?

Unfortunately, it’s not on our list of priorities right now as we’re working on adding big new features. We’ll keep this idea on the back burner for now.

How to equalize song volume so there isn't a big jump when songs change?

Mixonset currently normalizes your audio automatically so that songs will have a similar volume. Clearly there’s still some work to do for this feature. We will make improvements to it so that you wouldn’t have to keep changing the volume.

How to see the total playtime of a mix?

You can see the total playtime of a mix using the Mix Overview feature. Go to the Now Playing Page > Share/ Cocktail icon (bottom left) > Mix Overview.


Compatible Music Sources

TIDAL: With a paid TIDAL subscription, you can Smart Mix a full catalogue of TIDAL’s 90 million songs up to HiFi audio quality.

Spotify: With a paid Spotify subscription, you can Smart Mix a partial catalogue with ~80% songs in popular playlists.

Apple Music: With a paid Apple Music subscription, you can Smart Mix a partial catalogue with ~80% songs in popular playlists.

SoundCloud: With the SoundCloud Free login, you can Smart Mix SoundCloud’s free music catalogue with no paid subscription required.

Local Music Library: Mixonset is also capable of playing MP3 audio files saved on your mobile phone. Do so by with the Apple Music/Local Library login.

To learn more about our integrations, check out our Integrations Page.

Compatible Platforms

iOS: Mixonset is available for install on the App Store for iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

MacOS: Mixonset works with the latest Apple Silicon Macbook (with the M1 chip), and is available for install under the results for iPhone and iPad apps when you search for Mixonset.

How to get Mixonset on MacOS?

Apple Silicon MacBook (with M1 chip): You can install Mixonset directly from the MacOS app store. You will find it under the results for iPhone and iPad apps when you search for Mixonset. (https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/mixonset-mashup-your-playlist/id1477282813)
AirPlay with MacOS 15: MacOS 15 now supports AirPlay like a speaker, meaning you can use Mixonset on your phone and play through your Mac like a regular speaker.
Older Macs and MacBooks: You can connect your iPhone or iPad with Mixonset to the Mac, and play Mixonset on your iPhone through the Mac speaker. The way to do this is by using QuickTime:


QuickTime: Connect your iOS device to your Mac / MacBook > Open QuickTime Player (from Applications) -> click File (in the top menu) -> New Audio Recording -> click dropdown menu (next to the red recording button) -> select your iOS device as Microphone  > record button.

Can I play Mixonset on local devices, not just iPhone?

There are many options to use Mixonset for many speakers/devices:

Airplay: the best option for new smart speakers/MacBooks/ Sonos/TVs/cars. Simply pull down the “Access Control Center” from top right corner on your iPhone, and tap the Airplay icon on the top right of the small music player to open up the options. Then your devices should show up there when they are connected to the same Wifi as your iPhone. See here to learn more.

Screen Mirroring: works similarly as Airplay for both video/audio when your iPhone/devices support it. Also located in the Access Control Center. See here to learn more.

AUX cord: Despite being taken away from newer iPhones, the AUX is still commonly available on many speakers/TVs/cars, so all you need is a lightning to AUX dongle.

Bluetooth: Is widely available across many types of speakers/TVs/cars.

How to connect Mixonset to different Smart TVs?

Mixonset can connect to different Smart TVs via Bluetooth, Airplay and Screen Mirroring. Some screen mirroring apps can also help you cast your Mixonset-compatible device to your preferred Smart TV.


Bluetooth: Follow these 4 steps

Airplay: Follow these 4 steps

Apple TV

Airplay: Follow these 3 steps

Samsung TV

Bluetooth: Follow these 4 steps

Airplay: Follow these 6 steps

Fire TV

Bluetooth: You need this specific iPhone mirroring app

Airplay: Download the Airscreen app on your Fire TV

How to play songs offline?

You can download songs to play offline on the Apple Music and Spotify Premium integrations by going to the Playlist page and tapping the install button next to the playlist image.

Can I use the same subscription for multiple devices?

Your Mixonset subscription is tied to your Apple ID. That means that as long as you share the same Apple ID on multiple Apple devices, you can still use Mixonset Pro.

Is Mixonset on Android / Windows / PS5 / Xbox?

Mixonset is currently not on these platforms, although we are looking to integrate with these platforms in the future. To stay updated on our latest developments, please follow @mixonset on Instagram or stay connected on Discord.

Is Mixonset integrated with last.fm?

Mixonset is currently not on last.fm. However, Mixonset has its own Mix History feature that allows you to see what music you’ve listened to. 

Why is my local library unavailable on the Apple Music/ Local Library login?

To sync your local library to your iOS device through iCloud, you need to download your songs before mixing them in Mixonset. To download your songs, go to the Apple Music app > Playlist Page with local songs > Download (top right button)


How to cancel Mixonset Pro

We’re sorry to see you go! Keep in mind that you can always get free Mixonset Pro by inviting your friends to join the party to use Mixonset Pro. Cancelling Mixonset Pro is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top.
  2. Tap the “Subscriptions” option
  3. Tap on Mixonset: Mashup Your Playlist which is under Active subscription.
  4. Now tap on Cancel. (Note that if you don’t see a “Cancel Subscription” button for Mixonset, then it’s already canceled and will not renew anymore).

How to use my promo code?

To access your promo code:

  1. Go to the iOS App Store app
  2. Go to the Apps tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Redeem
  4. Copy and paste the promo code manually

Note: Mixonset’s free trial will kick in before the promo code. If you haven’t used the free trial yet but you’ve subscribed to Mixonset, the App Store will use up the free trial before it gives you the benefit of the promo code. The promo code will expire after 28 days if unused.

How to use referral links?

Get Mixonset Pro for free by introducing your friends to Mixonset and earning rewards. Share the link with a free offer to anyone who you think would love Mixonset.

To find the referral link, go to your Now Playing page > share/cocktail button (bottom left) > Referral offer

Once a friend downloads the app using your link, you get 1 month for free.

When your friend subscribes to Mixonset Pro, you get another 3 months for free.

Refer up to 6 friends and get up to 2 years of Mixonset Pro for free through our referral program.

You can claim your reward by going through:
Mixonset in-app settings > Mixonset Pro Subscription > X Referral Reward(s) Available
If that doesn’t work, you probably just need to subscribe to the free trial and the referral reward will kick in afterwards.

How to get a refund?

You can get your refund here by following the steps here:

What's the difference between Mixonset Free and Mixonset Pro?

Mixonset Free

  • Unlimited Smart Mix
  • Unlimited Smart Queue
  • Audio ads every 5-10 song highlights
  • Discover up to 50% new songs
  • Limited Playlist Filters
  • Smart Queue displays song length

Mixonset Pro

  • Unlimited Smart Mix
  • Unlimited Smart Queue
  • Unlimited song highlights without ads
  • Discover up to 300% new songs
  • Unlimited Playlist Filters
  • Smart Switch queues without interrupting the perfect flow
  • Save mixes, merge them together, and share with friends
  • Smart Queue displays BPM, Energy or song length

Can I use multiple free trials, referral offers, promo codes or subscriptions at the same time?

You might encounter issues when stacking multiple free trials, referral offers, promo codes or subscriptions at the same time as they might override one another. So you want make sure you see the correct expiry date when you apply the offers before you confirm.
If you applied a reward while you had another subscription/reward, it might forfeit the previous one if it’s not over yet, so you might want to wait until it’s at least almost over to apply a new one.

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