The Best Way to Organize Music Playlists:
Mixonset's Vibe Filters


A lot of people ask me: "what's the best way to organize music playlists?" And I always tell them that the answer is simple - you simply don't. What you do is you let your AI DJ curate and organize your music for you in the best way possible, via filters. We encourage you to use Mixonset's playlist organizer feature, Vibe Filters, to sort your TIDAL & Spotify playlists instantly.

With millions and millions of tracks available on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and Beatport, you need a playlist organizer to curate the right tracks. There are lots of heavy pro tools to organize by energy, but Mixonset is the easiest, one-touch solution on mobile. Using our world-class energy detection technology, we analyze your music in detail to break them down into precise Vibes. Your Vibes go from Soft to Mellow to Chill to Intense and finally to Wild. Based on these sonic Vibes, you can filter your playlist into more manageable mix lengths, and even group similar vibes together as a smooth DJ music mix.

As Mixmag says, a great DJ is “able to fit in”. Whether that is fitting into everyone’s music taste or fitting into all sorts of environments, it’s all about creating the right pulsing atmosphere where everyone is having a great time. That’s why here at Mixonset, we’ve created this easy to follow guide that gives a comprehensive understanding of the Vibe Filter. Now that you have Mixonset’s AI DJ app to curate your music, you’ll know your music better than anyone else! Scroll down to find out how the best way to organize music playlists can help you curate like a DJ!

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1. Soft Vibe

The Soft Vibe is the vibe with the lowest energy level. This beat typically doesn’t have a beat, and therefore don’t really belong to a club DJ mix. You’d probably want to take a nap to songs with these vibes – so not the best idea to blast these tunes to a party-eager crowd. The genre of this type of music is typically made up of Classical, Ambient, and Chillout.

Pro Tip:

If you’re trying to manage your playlist by filtering out songs that aren’t party-friendly, we recommend filtering out these Soft tracks.


2. Mellow Vibe

The Mellow Vibe is a step up from the Soft Vibe in terms of musical intensity. While Mellow songs still have a beat, this type of music is much harder to dance.

Pro Tip:

Mellow songs are ideal for gatherings where the music isn’t the main focus, but a nice-to-have in the background. The genre of Mellow songs is usually Ambient, Chillout, quite similar to Soft tracks.

3. Chill Vibe

Chill songs are the middle child of the Vibe spectrum. Chill songs have a solid beat, but they’re not going to be the highlight of the party. Chill songs are groovy enough to dance, but they’re not going to make your crowd break a sweat with their dance moves. So if you want your DJ mixer to play something to get the party started, Chill is your go-to vibe.

Pro Tip:

We love Chill songs because they’re so flexible. Chill songs are the perfect way to start off a party, whilst being great for a casual evening with some friends. Manage your playlist properly by taking proper care of your Chill tracks!


4. Intense Vibe

Intense songs are where the party gets going. It’s likely that the bass is reverberating, and the percussion is getting everyone moving. You’ve created a wonderful party atmosphere. With Intense tracks, you can play the perfect dance music the entire night without worrying that someone will get bored. Get your Spotify or TIDAL playlists to work for you by populating them with Intense tracks.

Pro Tip:

Intense tracks are great for parties. That’s why it’s a good idea to pair Intense (and Wild) songs with your BPM filter to keep the party going!

5. Wild Vibe

Caution with the Wild Vibe because things are about to go crazy. These songs usually have a massive drop enough to drive everyone wild (pun definitely intended). At this point, your AI DJ will be helping you mix the songs that are the climax of any party.

Pro Tip:

While songs with a Wild Vibe are amazing at working your audience into a dancing frenzy, playing Wild songs for an extended period will tire them out very quickly. It’s highly recommended to build up the vibe with Chill songs, then to Intense songs, and play Wild songs at the heat of the night!


6. How to optimize your Vibe level with Mixonset

t’s essential that there aren’t abrupt changes in vibe level within your mix. Luckily, Mixonset optimizes your queue with the right levelling up and down of Vibe level. Moreover, our AI figures out the best way to play your tracks by gradually shifting the vibe of your mix in a natural and seamless manner. By combining your Vibe Filter with Smart Mix, you can transform your TIDAL or Spotify playlist into a seamless auto mix.

Furthermore, if you’d like to sneak peek the different vibes within a mix while it is already playing, simply use our Display Feature tool within the Mixonset app’s queue page. Afterwards, you’ll see the exact Vibes of each track. From there, If you’d like to edit your queue it’s simply a matter of dragging your tracks to the right place.

So whether you’re throwing a chill tropical house soiree, or if you’re getting in the DJ booth to mix some club hits and get everyone sweaty and dancing, we have the solution for you. Mixonset’s Vibe Filter is the perfect playlist management tool! It’s the absolute best way to organize music playlists with one tap.

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