11 Tips to Build the Perfect DJ Playlist Using Mixonset

October 26, 2023

Creating the perfect DJ playlist is a multifaceted art, combining elements of creativity, technical prowess, and an acute understanding of your audience’s desires. 

Mixonset is your personal robot assistant that can help you DJ your playlists using the latest AI technology. The Mixonset app can be your trusty companion in crafting the ideal playlist and elevating your DJ sets to new heights. Here’s an extended guide with additional tips and inspirational insights for fashioning the perfect DJ playlist using Mixonset:

1. Know Your Audience

One of the most important parts of DJing is track selection. That’s why delving into your audience’s preferences and demographics is extremely important to creating the perfect DJ playlist. Whether you’re performing for a youthful, mature, or diverse crowd, being aware of their tastes will inform your track selection.

2. Pick a Theme or Mood

Defining the theme or mood you intend to convey through your set is a pivotal starting point. Whether it’s a high-energy party atmosphere, a laid-back lounge vibe, or a genre-specific focus, having a theme in mind will guide your song choices.

A great way to accomplish this within the Mixonset app is to use the music filters available. There are a few filters that help you curate your theme or mood seamlessly, such as the Energy Filter, the Genre Filter, and the Artist Filter. 

3. Start with Key Tracks

Begin with a handful of core tracks that you know will set the tone for your set. These anchor tracks will serve as your musical compass, helping you navigate the playlist’s direction.

If your audience likes the key tracks that you’ve started out with, you can simply play more songs with a similar vibe. If your audience doesn’t like your key tracks, then you can easily switch to playing something else.

4. Leverage Mixonset's Recommendations

Mixonset comes to your aid with song recommendations based on your key tracks. These suggestions can introduce you to new tracks that seamlessly align with your chosen style.

You can use the Discovery feature to expand your DJ playlist with songs with a similar vibe, from 20% all the way up to 300%. This allows you to discover new tracks that you’re likely to enjoy, and also save time on finding new tracks.

5. Consider Song Flow

Consciously arrange your playlist to ensure a fluid journey. Structure your songs in a way that creates peaks and valleys, gradually building anticipation and allowing for moments of relaxation.

Lucky for you, Mixonset does this automatically. The app takes a look at your songs then arranges them in a queue optimizes by AI, so that the right song plays at the right moments.

You could also manually curate song flow as well based on your music’s BPM or Energy. The Display feature in the Queue Page helps you see your songs’ BPM, Energy, or length. So if you have a feeling that a song would sound better at a certain place in the queue, you can easily drag and drop it at the right place.

6. Transition Seamlessly

Utilize Mixonset’s transition assistance to guarantee silky-smooth and harmonious song changes. This is crucial for maintaining the energy and mood of your set. Everything is done automatically, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

7. Experiment with Mashups

Mixonset offers the freedom to experiment with mashups and remixes, enabling you to craft unique blends of songs that can surprise and delight your audience. Have two songs from separate genres but share a similar Energy level and BPM? Why not mix them together and see if you get a surprise!

8. Add a Personal Touch

Infuse your playlist with tracks that hold special meaning for you or evoke unique emotions. This personal touch can create a deeper connection between you and your audience. Look back into your Saved songs or past playlists to find those personal tracks that mean a lot to you.

10. Read the Crowd

Keep a watchful eye and ear on the crowd’s reactions during your set. Be ready to adapt your playlist on the fly if you sense the need for a change to keep the energy and excitement at its peak. You can easily add or remove songs from the queue in the Mixonset app.

11. Reflect and Review

Post-performance, invest time in reflecting on what worked brilliantly and what might need fine-tuning. This valuable feedback will serve as a roadmap for refining your future playlists and performances.


The process of creating the perfect DJ playlist is an ever-evolving one. Mixonset’s array of features and functionalities can be a valuable asset in your toolbox, enabling you to unearth new tracks and hone your mixing skills. With practice and growing confidence, you’ll become an expert at curating playlists that not only get people dancing but also leave a memorable, lasting impression on your audience.

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