Find the Best Music Source for Your AI DJ App.

Shorten your songs with seamless transitions with your favorite music source.

Music Source Overview

Features Mixonset Spotify Integration


Full Song Catalogue

Smooth Transitions

Smart Mix

Music Discovery

Music Filters

Sync Your Playlists

Offline Mode


Why Go TIDAL for Mixonset?

Full Catalogue

Play more than 60 million songs.

Instant Mix

Mix any songs in seconds.


Listen in crystal clear quality.

Transfer Your Music Library Seamlessly

It’s easy to migrate your collection of music to a new streaming platform.

Transfer your songs and playlists for free in minutes with SongShift.

The DJ is in the Details

Mixonset can mix music from Spotify, TIDALApple Music and SoundCloud Free. No matter what your favorite streaming platform is, you can sync quickly with your own playlists and shorten your songs with smooth transitions. With these music services, you have access to over 60+ million tracks on streaming at your fingertips. Install Mixonset now and start the party by turning your playlists into an AI DJ music mix!

If you aren’t subscribed with one of these streaming services, Mixonset continues to provide access to all your locally stored music on your devices. To play those local files, simply select the “Apple Music/ iTunes” option.