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Empower your customers with AI-powered music mixing technology.

Mixonset offers a full range of partnership options to music platforms: from direct integration to web API.

Our Vision

Mixonset revolutionizes the music listening experience with a smart personal DJ for everyone. Our goal is to make mixing the default way to enjoy music.

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Spotify DJ App - Mixonset Smart Mix AI technology in action

What Mixonset Does

Mixonset finds the highlight of each song and seamlessly transitions to the next track. Just tap Smart Mix™ and enjoy your favorite vibe.

Skip Less.
Listen More.

Listeners skip because they get bored of a song. By mixing your music seamlessly in real time, Mixonset listeners skip 70% less than traditional music streaming.

That figure translates to less friction, more loyalty and more satisfaction.

Elegant & Intuitive

Powered by our award-winning AI, Mixonset makes music mixing as easy as shuffling a playlist. It’s sleek, smooth, and super simple to use.

Anyone can sound like a real DJ.

Convert with No Effort

Wonder why your users don’t convert? Since the launch of Mixonset Pro, 8% of our active users subscribe to our $5/month plan on top of their $10/month streaming subscription.

Our insights are worth paying for.

Seamless Integration

We guarantee your success by tailoring each integration based on your product’s unique needs. Mixonset works at scale, and does not interfere with your existing architecture.

Let’s have a conversation.

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