Partner Relations

How Mixonset Empowers Streaming Services,
Record Labels and Artists

The Smart Mix Era Is Here

Music streaming has become the primary way listeners consume music. However, there’s a huge gap between the listener’s willingness to pay and the real value of music. Not only has the $9.99 subscription price point stayed the same for years, the average Spotify subscriber in the world pays even less than $5 per month for unlimited access to a catalogue of 70 million songs.

There’s a need to expand the pie for the entire recorded music industry - that’s where Mixonset comes in. Mixonset is making a fully automated DJ that shortens songs and mixes them together with seamless transitions. Our freemium iOS app mixes songs from anyone's playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and TIDAL, with Mixonset Pro priced at $4.99 on top of the listener’s streaming subscription. So far, around 20% of our active users are paying for our app. We believe that our Smart Mix® experience will become a $4-7 billion opportunity, and bring in a new era for music streaming.

Record Labels

Mixonset is already benefiting record labels by increasing subscriber retention and acquisition for partnered streaming services. Every Mixonset free or Pro user is already paying for their music subscription, and Mixonset helps attract new subscribers to partnered streaming services. Mixonset also focuses on music discovery so that we can encourage users to check out new tracks and help labels market their artists.

We are open to work more closely with record labels to create more value for the music industry.


Mixonset helps artists by increasing their exposure. Mixonset's discovery features expose listeners to tracks they might not be familiar with, making it easier than ever to make it big and gain new fans.

Time To Mix It Up

Collaboration in the music industry isn’t just about making great sound, it’s about creating a space where different players come together to create an opportunity that’s truly unique and powerful. Mixonset is looking forward to creating more partnerships, so that we can expand the music streaming pie and generate more value for everyone.

If you’re interested in co-creating a more dynamic future for the music industry, let’s talk.