Mixonset Privacy Policy in 60 Seconds

1.We don’t store your personal data, period.

We don’t need it. It would cost too much. We don’t even have a server database to store it. So even if FBI comes knocking on our door to ask who used Mixonset, we practically cannot tell them.

2.Your music data

When you log in to your music streaming service account like Spotify, we can pull your music data to your iPhone or iPad, which may include your user name, playlists, favourite artists etc. However, we do not have access to this data, because all we do is use the app to process, mix and play the music for you on your device. When you make modifications to your music data like your playlists, we send it back to the streaming service where your music data is stored.

That’s why, with Mixonset, what happens on your device stays on your device. This also means if you delete your app, you might lose some of your data such as your discovery preferences, as you need to start over.

3. Non personal information collected through third parties

3.1 App Store

When you download and use Mixonset Apps from an app store like the Apple App Store, the App Store will have some information about when/where/how the app is installed and being used, including the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for a device, but we cannot see who exactly is the owner of that device. All of the installation and usage data is stored with the App Store, and cannot be used to identify who you are. The App Store data helps us to understand on a broad basis who installs and uses our app, and how to improve our marketing campaign and service.

3.2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an industry standard analytics tool.  It allows us to see that an event happened, like “Someone from Montreal started a mix” or “Someone from Germany shared a mix link”. To do this, Google Analytics also tracks some information like the IDFA, and what it is/when/where an event happens, but once again this data cannot be used to identify who you are. Google Analytics helps us understand how our users use Mixonset, where they are getting stuck, and ways for us to improve.

3.3 Music Streaming Service

When you log in to your streaming service, the service might collect some information about when/where/how you signed in to their service and how you used it. This data is stored with the streaming service, and cannot be used to identify who you are. The streaming service data helps us improve our service offered to our users.

4. Changes

We may make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time, so please visit this Privacy Policy regularly. Your continued use of Mixonset constitutes acceptance of the changes.

5. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: info@mixonset.com

Last updated June 2020