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Your SoundCloud Free DJ App. Powered by AI.

Mix Playlists with Smooth Transitions.

Mixonset elevates music with crossfades, beatmatching, curation & discovery.

Your SoundCloud Free DJ

Sync with SoundCloud Free and Smart Mix with more than 200 million tracks. Your AI mix app automixes your songs smoothly.

Bring the party everywhere you go.

Seamless Transitions

Mix SoundCloud Free with the most advanced AI technology. Your DJ app finds the highlight of each song and creates silky crossfades.

All on autopiliot.

Fill the Gaps with Suggestions

Discover music as you're listening by expanding your queue from 20% to 300% suggestions.

Get the right songs at the right time.

Curate with Music Filters

Curate your music like a DJ with music filters: from similar artists, BPM, to Energy.

Make the perfect mix in a few seconds!

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Your SoundCloud Free DJ App Up Close

With Mixonset’s breakthrough DJ integration with SoundCloud Free, listeners can now transform their listening experience with a powerful innovation – Smart Mix. Mix more than 200 million tracks with SoundCloud for free. Your AI DJ mixer empowers you to mix your own playlists into stunning music mixes comparable to a human DJ’s. Create smooth crossfades, play just the best parts of songs, make song mashups for TikTok, and discover new tracks with your SoundCloud DJ app!

Don’t have SoundCloud? The Mixonset AI DJ app is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Be the DJ wherever you go on iPhone, iPad, and Silicon Macs. Mix music now for free!

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