Revolutionize listening and mix with Mixonset on TIDAL

TIDAL and Mixonset give music lovers a personal DJ for their every occasion, by letting them instantly mix their favourite playlists with seamless transitions.

Your Smart DJ

Tap on Smart Mix and let the AI DJ mix your playlist right away, while you focus on exercising, driving or having your next house party.

Seamless Transitions

Instantly mix the highlight of each song with seamless transitions, and say goodbye to the jarring gaps between your music. Silky smooth.

Fill the Gaps with Suggestions

Fill the gaps in your mix with the right songs at the right time. You’ll always get a flawless mix with suggestions that fit the vibe of your music.

Find Your Vibe

Filter songs by their vibe to instantly curate the perfect mix for your current mood. Choose between Soft, Mellow, Chill, Intense and Wild, and more!

Mixonset music filters

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