How To Make The Perfect Workout Mix Using Mixonset

Whether you’re into powerlifting, Zumba, spinning or CrossFit, a great music mix is the heart and soul of a satisfying workout. Yet, we all know how hard it is to mix music since DJ softwares are so complicated. But what if you could have an AI DJ in the gym to mix your favorite music?

The Mixonset app makes it quick and easy to turn your playlist into a workout mix with just your phone. If you’re curious how an AI DJ can be your best fitness buddy, this article was written for you!

1. DJ with Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud & TIDAL

The problem with pre-made DJ mixes from YouTube or MixCloud is that usually you don’t know the songs. Using Mixonset, you can mix your saved playlists by logging in with Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and TIDAL.

2. Smart Mix Your Workout Playlists

When you’re going for a run or preparing for a workout, you don’t have time to learn how to use a DJ app right then and there. Mixonset makes mixing simple – just pick a playlist and Smart Mix. Your AI DJ will transform your playlist into a seamless DJ blended mix so you can focus on what really matters.

3. Mix the Highlight of Your Song

What’s more annoying than having to skip a song when you’re two reps in? Songs are often too long and we get tired of hearing the same chorus over and over again. When you use Highlight Mode on Mixonset, the app switches songs every couple minutes to maintain the intensity of your mix.

4. Seamless Transitions with AI

Nothing kills the vibe of a workout more than long silences between songs. While it usually takes a good DJ to make a seamless transition – fear not! Just press Smart Mix and enjoy seamless crossfades between songs, as if you brought a DJ to the gym.

“I love the app! I find that the mixes make smooth transitions and create an enjoyable experience for members during class.” Says Dede Harper, Orange Theory Fitness Head Coach.

5. The Perfect Training Flow

Let’s face it, shuffle play kills the vibe because it’s too random, causing awkward jumps in your music. However, curating a smooth song queue is no easy feat. Mixonset analyzes your music to curate a song queue that makes sense based on key DJ metrics.

6. Organize Mixes with Filters

Not all of your songs are the right vibe for a workout, since you need intensity to reach your very best performance. Mixonset’s energy filter curates your music to play songs that are ‘intense’ or ‘wild’. You can do the same for your recovery mix to play songs that are ‘mellow’ or ‘chill’.

Setting the right tempo can help you improve your fitness performance, especially for running or cycling. Mixonset can instantly prepare mixes based on your preferred tempo with the BPM filter.


Now that you can bring your own AI DJ into the gym, you’ll always have the perfect workout mix to lift up your energy! Get Mixonset on the iOS App Store and Smart Mix now with Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and TIDAL.

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